Rabbit Ear


var myOrigami = ear.origami()

This is a Javascript library for modeling and designing origami.


An origami is digitally encoded as a graph. Perhaps Rabbit Ear's primary function is the manipulation of graphs, including general methods to those specific to origami.

A math library is included for doing shape intersection, basic geometry, and linear algebra.

Rabbit Ear comes with an SVG rendering library for drawing, animating, and interacting with images; this works great for flexible parametric designs.

This library implements a host of methods familiar to origami mathematicians- the simple calculations which make designing origami a lot easier.


This library is in pre-release. Expect breaking changes.

Rabbit Ear is one Javascript file, available in a few different formats:

These URLs can be used as a CDN; link to them directly inside your projects.

Node users, the package is on npm.

npm install rabbit-ear

This source code is freely available on Github.


The technical documentation will get you aquainted with all the methods in the library.

Alternatively, wherever you see this symbol, press it and it will open the code editor with that sketch's code, allowing you to modify the sketch.